We stock a range of good quality violins for beginner to advanced. All our instruments are set up to a very high standard. 

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Kun Original 4/4

A high quality shoulder rest from Kun of Canada for full size (4/4) violins


Kun Collapsible 1/2 -3/4

A high quality collapsible shoulder rest from Kun of Canada for 1/2 and 3/4 size violins


Violin bow 1533

Student violin bow, strong round stick with fully mounted ebony  frog. 


Kun Collapsible 4/4 violin

A high quality collapsible shoulder rest from Kun of Canada for full size (4/4) violins


P&H violin bow

Fibreglass bow with easy re-hair system


Wittner Alloy Violin Tailpiece

Wittner light Alloy Tailpiece. Available for full size violin and for fractional sizes


Westbury Violin Bow

An inexpensive bow that works well for early stages.


Glasser violin bow

Fibreglass round stick


Westbury Violin Case

Strong plywood dart shaped case which allows the back of the violin to be suspended. 


Primavera Oblong Violin Case

Primavera oblong violin case


Joh. Schneider violin bow

Violin bow stamped Joh.Schneider with ebony half mounted frog


Concertante Violin Case

High quality violin case using tough plywood construction


Hiscox OVNS Violin Case

Hiscox OVNS violin case


Prima 100 Violin Outfit

A good first instrument. The P-100 produces sound freely which will encourage players in early stages


Orchestra Violin Bow

Carbon fibre stick with a carbon  outer weave


Prima 150 Violin Outfit

The P-150 violin is very similar to the P-100 with the addition of an ebony fingerboard. 


Prima 200 Violin Outfit

The varnish on this instrument has been toned down (satin) and the colour is a pleasing yellow brown. It also has different strings to the Prima 150.


Loreato Violin Outfit

The Loreato has attractive timbers with a yellow brown varnish and comes with a oblong case.


Stentor Conservatoire Violin OF

The Stentor Conservatoire has a nicely balanced quality throughout, i.e the violin, case and bow.


Josef Lorenz Round Violin bow

Josef Lorenz violin bow, round pernumbuco stick.


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