We are currently selling our remaining stock of woodwind, brass or general music shop items at very low prices, this is to enable us to concentrate on our core business of stringed instruments and repairs.
All instruments are new unless otherwise stated. Get a bargain while stocks last!

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Madarozzo Soprano Ukulele Bag

A high quality soprano ukulele bag with thick 20mm padding


Madarozzo Tenor Ukulele Bag

A high quality tenor ukulele bag with thick 20mm padding


Kinsman Soprano Hard Case

A traditionall made soprano ukulele wood shell case


Lightweight Soprano Case

Lightweight Soprano Case by Kala AKA UC-S


Lightweight Tenor Case

Lightweight tenor case by Kala, AKA UC-T


Makala MK-SN Soprano ukulele

Great budget instrument with good tuning intonation and sound quality


Uke-Crazy Black Soprano Case

A strong and sturdy soprano ukulele case in classic black


Yamaha Sax Neck YAS34

Yamaha Sax Neck YAS34, has a moderately sized scratch mark near the cork.

This one came off a new sax when we had to replace the neck because of the scratch


Ukulele-Banjo case

Ukulele-Banjo hard case by Ozark


Aligator style Baritone Case

Aligator style baritone ukulele case by Kala (Uke-Crazy)



Kala KA-FMS Soprano Ukulele

Produces a powerful yet warm sound with stunning looks. This one is an older model and has some discolouration around the sound hole please see the 3 photos of this actual instrument. The top single photo is a generic photo not the one we have in stock.


Kala KA-SMHS Soprano Ukulele

The solid mahogany construction gives a 'dark' and mellow yet freely produced sound.


Yanagisawa Alto Sax Neck YNA92

Yanagisawa Alto Sax Neck YNA92


Kala ASAC-C Concert Ukulele

A top model from Kala with a dark full sound


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