There are many models of violin chin rest. We keep the ones we feel are most popular and comfortable.

There are two types of fitting; centrally over the tailpiece and to the bass side of the tailpiece.

Extra care must be taken when fitting  the latter, as if it is clamped too tightly it can distort the rib. 

Note, If the rest fits the instrument well, it should not need to be very tightly clamped.

For better quality instruments, we suggest a professional fitting where the sufaces of the parts that are in contact with the violin are shaped to fit that particular instrument. The cork is often changed for this better fitting.

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Dresden model chin rest

Moulded Dresden model chin rest


Strad model chin rest

Moulded Strad model chin rest.


Teka model chin rest

Moulded Teka model chin rest


Guaneri model chin rest

Moulded Guaneri model chin rest.


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