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If you are thinking of purchasing a ukulele, we not only have a good selection, but we also set instruments up in house. This enables players to get the best from their instruments as well as experiencing greater comfort and ease of playing with their ukulele. We also perform setting up work for ukulele players throughout the UK.

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Makala MK-SN Soprano ukulele

Great budget instrument with good tuning intonation and sound quality


Makala MK-C Concert Ukulele

Fantastic value entry level concert ukulele with a good sound and excellent tuning intonation


Kala KA-S Soprano Ukulele

Kala's entry level soprano ukulele. 


Makala MK-T Tenor Ukulele

Fitted with Aquila strings which assist with producing a good sound with accurate intonation.


Kala KA-CG Concert Ukulele

The KA-CG is the first instrument in the Kala range with a gloss finish which gives this instrument a classic look.


Kala KA-FMS Soprano Ukulele

Produces a powerful yet warm sound with stunning looks. This one is an older model and has some discolouration around the sound hole please see the 3 photos of this actual instrument. The top single photo is a generic photo not the one we have in stock.


Kala KA-CEMG Concert Ukulele

Same as the Kala KA-CEM but in green


Kala KA-SMHS Soprano Ukulele

The solid mahogany construction gives a 'dark' and mellow yet freely produced sound.


Kala KA-ACP-CTG Concert Ukulele

The slotted headstock makes for a very pretty look and is complimented by a solid cedar top



Reminiscent of some of the 20's and 30' instruments, the mahogany with the simulated tortoise shell binding gives a vintage look. The sound is mellow, rich and full.


Kala ASAC-C Concert Ukulele

A top model from Kala with a dark full sound


Kala KA-SMHB Baritone Ukulele

A vintagelook and full warm sound from the all solid mahogany timbers


Pono MC Concert Ukulele

Quality mahogany timber coupled with a light satin finish gives this instrument a full, mellow sound.


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